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at work and in the rest of your life.

You dream of waking up every morning full of energy and looking forward to work.

But instead, you wake up and dread your 9-to-5 Groundhog Day, the conflicts in your team, and the feeling of slowly burning out.

The Good News: There is a way out.

* thriving (adjective): growing, developing, or being successful

Become one of my successful clients

Moin, my name is Bastian.

IMG_0107 (2) - rund

I support experienced executives and their teams thrive together.

Through Leadership Coaching, we develop tailor-made solutions, activate skills, and enhance resilience and creativity.

In Collaboration Experience Workshops, we harness the collective intelligence of the entire team and foster a practice of swift and sustainable decision-making.

With the Positive Intelligence Training, both leaders and team members gain practical methods and the necessary experience to handle criticism and conflicts more effectively. This app-supported program combines Mental Fitness Training with personalized coaching.