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Less stress and
more effectiveness

with Positive Intelligence®.

I guide experienced leaders in a few weeks to achieve higher performance, enhanced mental fitness, and improved relationships.

Less stress, increased balance, and effectiveness - in just 6 weeks.

Participation to the 6-week Positive Intelligence® Program incl. 1 Coaching Session at the low price of 79 €.

What customers are saying about the Program

All of these customers have successfully completed the Positive Intelligence Training program.

I feel more energized and positively relaxed while facing new challenges in business but also private life, and I see how it helps my peers and team members to grow with resilience as well.
Imke Langhorst
Imke Langhorst, VP Cargo & Cabin Systems, Airbus
This program taught me some very simple and effective techniques to find immediate relief first. It gained my trust by not seeking quick fixes, but slowly and steadily developing the muscle of Positive Intelligence.
Kalina Dunker
Kalina Dunker, Change Leader, Airbus
The programme is helping me to accept my own flaws, be kinder to myself and not dwell on problems and mistakes. It is also helping me to increase my performance, deliver better, all in a transformative way. 
Alfonso G
Alfonso G, Innovation Leader, Airbus

The Positive Intelligence Training includes

6 weeks of training and professional coaching.

  • Stress Management

    You will learn to better recognize when you are experiencing stress. You will acquire the ability to respond constructively to negative thoughts. After 6 weeks, you will have established a new habit that will make you increasingly resilient in the long run.

  • Unleash Your Superpowers

    Gain immediate access to the 5 superpowers that will elevate your relationship, sharpen your focus on activities, and propel you into action faster.

  • Professional Coaching

    As part of your training program, you will have the opportunity to engage in a coaching session with a professional coach. You have the freedom to choose when you would like to take advantage of this valuable coaching experience.


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