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Leadership Skills

for greater fulfillment and enhanced collaboration.

The world is filled with change and complexity. None of us can find the solution to the challenges of our time alone. How do we guide our employees and team members towards effective collaboration, where collective intelligence can fully flourish? Discover the answer to this question through coaching.
We will find the answer to this question in coaching sessions.

The Initial Step

In our initial conversation, we determine if there is a connection and if we both want to embark on a first coaching session together.

Moin, my name is Bastian.

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Over the past nearly 20 years, I have accompanied countless leaders and teams through processes of change.

I have personally led teams and departments and carried technical responsibility. In 2018, a team I was leading asked me to become their coach on the path to becoming a fully self-organized group within a corporation.

This team inspired me to embark on a training to become a professional Integral Business Coach, which I completed in 2020. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and adhere to the association's code of ethics.

As a leadership coach, I guide executives on their journey from traditional directive leadership to collaborative cooperation on an eye level.

Since 2022, I am a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC) and guide executives and teams through the Mental Fitness Program based on Positive Intelligence®.